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Aug 12, 2023

Brahms pt. 15a: we return to the life narrative of our great composer, picking up where we left him in the summer of 1879 adding the finishing touches to his D major violin concerto which he had written for and with the advice of his great friend, Joseph Joachim. This was the high point of their friendship and musical partnership; but for how long would the happy feelings last, and if they didn't, how long would it take Brahms to reclaim them?


Works heard in this episode in order (all by Brahms):

- Hungarian Dances WoO 1 books 3-4, nos. 11-21

17. in F Sharp Minor (Andantino)

18. in D major (Molto Vivace)

19. in A Minor (Allegretto)

20. in D Minor (Poco Allegretto)

11. in D Minor (Poco Andante)

12. in D Minor (Presto)

13. in D Major (Andantino Grazioso)

14. in D Minor (Un Poco Andante)

15. in A Major (Allegretto Grazioso)

16. in G Minor (Con Moto)

21. in E Minor (Vivace)

Robert Gerle - Violin

Norman Shelter - Piano


- Piano Concerto no. 2 in B Flat Major, Op. 83 

IV. Allegretto grazioso - Un poco più presto


- Symphony No. 3 in F major

III. Poco allegretto 


- 6 Lieder and Romances, op. 93a

I. Der bucklichte Fiedler

II. Das Mädchen

III. O süsser Mai

IV. Fahr wohl!

V. Der Falke

VI. Beherzigung

Sung by Ensemberlino Vocale


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