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The Great Composers Podcast - a classical music podcast

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Dec 18, 2017

In Ep. 15 The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven, pt. 7 "A Hero's Life" we explore the Beethoven's life between the years late 1802 and 1808. During that time, the composer would overcome adversity to reach the pinnacle of his career. Masterpieces would fly from his pen and both the man and the legend of Ludwig van...

Dec 13, 2017

This is an updates episode for The Great Composers Podcast, with a bunch of stuff you might be interested in including my interview with Adam Rodman of the "Bedside Rounds" podcast, and an episode XV teaser at the end! Enjoy! The show returns on Dec. 22nd with The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven pt. 7, just in time to...