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Feb 25, 2018

In Ep. 16, The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven pt. 8 "The Witch in the Wood" our great hero will ride triumphant into 1809. Though it began well enough for Beethoven, 1809 was to be a bad year for Austria. Defeat on the battlefield, a depressed economy, and a deeply wounded national pride would touch all of her citizens. As his country declined, so in a way did Beethoven. He would compose less and less, but what he did write was still of the highest quality. We close this episode in the summer of 1812, which saw Napoleon's disastrous invasion of Russia, and Beethoven's disastrous love affair with the Immortal Beloved come to an end.


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Introductory Poem: The Consolation of Philosophy, bk. 1 - Boethius trans. Victor Watts

Music in order:

'Apassionata' Piano Sonata in F minor op. 57 mvt. 3

'Emperor' Concerto for Piano in E-flat op. 72 mvt. 1

Cello sonata in A major op. 69 mvt. 2

'Les Adieux' Piano sonata in E-flat op. 81a mvt. 1

Mozart Requiem Lacrimosa arr. for piano by Franz Liszt!!!

'Harp' Quartet in E-flat op. 74 mvt. 1 - Pascal Quartet

Egmont overture - Musopen Symphony aka the Czech Philharmonic 'Serioso' Quartet in F minor op. 95 mvt. 3 - Pascal Quartet 'Archduke' Piano Trio op. 97 mvt. 1 - Rubinstein, Heifetz, Feuermann

Symphony no. 7 in A major op. 92 mvt. 2