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Aug 30, 2018

Ep. 20b...Continuing where we left off... The Life of György Ligeti, pt. 2 "A Composer in Wonderland" we see our great composer through the 1960's and into the early 70's, discussing his music of that period in detail. Having at last achieved some success with the orchestral works "Apparitions" and "Atmospheres" Ligeti would rattle off a few non-musical, farcical pieces. Then in 1965, his Requiem (a deeply serious and moving work) had its premiere in Stockholm, Sweden. This was a pivotal moment in Ligeti's career and the Requiem firmly established his reputation as a formidable composer. The rest of the decade witnessed the solidification of his 'textural' style of composition, and its further use in several more pieces including the orchestral work "Lontano", the stunningly beautiful Chamber Concerto, and the 2nd String Quartet. In the early 1970's then, Ligeti's career was moving ever upwards. But he was yet to find permanent employment, and would soon begin searching for new and different things in music: harmony, melody...and much much more.

All music heard in this episode is by Ligeti unless otherwise noted. Most are short clips of the larger work. Please listen to the complete works (especially the Chamber Concerto!) after the episode.

1. Chamber Concerto mvt. 3

2. Volumina for Solo Organ and two assistants

3. My attempt at reconstructing 'Poème Symphonique'.........

4. Requiem, Dies Irae 5. "Deo gratis" - Johannes Ockeghem

6. 2nd String Quartet - Presto

7. Chamber Concerto mvt. 2 - Calmo

8. Melodien

All material in this and all episodes is meant for educational purposes only.


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