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Sep 17, 2018

Ep. 21 - "Through the Looking Glass" --- Its 1974, and the great composers of the Western avant-garde continue to drift ever further apart. Stockhausen tours the globe and dreams of a life among the stars, Boulez becomes a world-renowned conductor, John Cage adds to his growing list of artistic pursuits, and György Ligeti settles down to a life as a teacher and begins planning his next moves as a composer. Much more composing and much more life is to come. We see Ligeti through dry spells and periods of great productivity. We see him deal with life and death in his own way. Then we see him to the end of his life, which ended much differently than it began. Please rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes! Like our Facebook page too!

All music heard in this episode is by Ligeti unless otherwise noted. Most are short clips of the larger work. Please listen to the complete works (especially the the piano etudes and Hamburg Concerto!) after the episode.

San Francisco Polyphony

Tierkreis (Verison for clarinet, flute, trumpet, and piano)- K. Stockhausen

Pli Selon Pli, Don - Pierre Boulez

Music for Five - John Cage

Hungarian Rock for Harpsichord

"Overture" to Le Grand Macabre

Monument, from "Three Pieces for Two Pianos"

Horn Trio mvt. 2 Vivace molto ritmico

Study for player piano no. 9 - Conlon Nancarrow

Etude no. 13 L’esceliere du diable (The Devil’s Staircase)

Sonata for Viola Solo - Kevin Nordstrom, viola - mvt. 2 "Loop" - mvt. 5 "Lamento" - mvt. 6 "Chaccone Chromatique"

All materials used in this episode are meant for educational purposes only. Thank you for listening!


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