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Aug 24, 2018

In Ep. 20a, we join the Hungarian refugee, György Ligeti, as he explores the musical wonderland that was the Free West. The year is 1957, and a shivering, disheveled Ligeti has just landed on the doorstep of the great German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Stockhausen will show Ligeti all that he had been missing in the world of composition over the last several years, and introduce him to the new compositional methods of the West as well as the people who practiced them. But as Alice found down her own rabbit-hole, this western wonderland was fraught with peril. Competing factions and rival ideologies fought to control the future of new music and there was no telling who would eventually win out. How was a novice avant-gardist like Ligeti to steer a course of his own through the musical swamp? In this two-part episode, we will find out...

Music heard in this episode: (All music clips are composed by Ligeti unless otherwise noted, all are short clips of the larger work. Please listen to the whole work after the episode!)

1. "Atmosphères"

2. "Klavierstücke IX" - Karlheinz Stockhausen

3. "Gesang der Jünglinge" - Karlheinz Stockhausen (my favorite portion of it)

4. "Polyphnie X" modere - Pierre Boulez

5. "Structures 1a" - Pierre Boulez

6. "Artikulation" for tape

7. Chamber Concerto mvt. 3 'Movimento preciso e meccanico'

All material in this episode and all others is meant for educational purposes and use only. Thank you for listening!


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