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Aug 1, 2018

In Ep. 19, The Life of György Ligeti, pt. I "Down the Rabbit Hole" we explore the life of György Ligeti from 1923 to 1957. During this period, Ligeti and his fellow Hungarians would suffer under political domination and from social oppression by the Nazis and then the Russian Soviets. Fed up with their totalitarian overlords, the Hungarians in 1956 broke into revolt. Ligeti, who lived a life of obscurity behind the Iron Curtain, would flee his homeland with his wife, Vera, for the Free West. After a long and difficult flight to freedom, and leaving Vera safely in Vienna, Ligeti would embark on another journey, this time to Cologne, and wind up on the doorstep of the messiah of new music himself, who was waiting for him with open arms...


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Music heard in this episode: (All music clips are composed by Ligeti unless otherwise noted)

1. Gesang der Unterdrückten (Song of the Oppressed) - composed by the composer.....

2. Musica Ricercata mvt. 4 Tempo di Valse

3. La Traviata, Act I – Giuseppe Verdi

4. Concerto for Violin and Orchestra no. 2 - Béla Bartók, the incomparable Ivry Gitlis on violin

5. Musica Ricercata mvt. 1, Sostenuto – Misurato – Prestissimo

6. Métamorphoses Nocturne (opening portion)

7. Gesang der Jünglinge (Song of the Youth) – Karlheinz Stockhausen 8. Musica Ricercata mvt. 7, Cantabile, molto legato

All material in this episode is meant for educational purposes only.