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Oct 7, 2019

In Ep. 33, The Life of Johannes Brahms, pt. 1 "A Cup Half Full" we meet the great composer's father, Johann Jakob Brahms. Jakob was a versatile musician who could play several instruments. He wasn't the most talented of musicians, but he was determined to succeed. In 1826 he went to Hamburg and began working as a lowly beer-fiddler. After establishing himself, he took every job he could get and slowly made his way up the professional ladder... 


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Music heard in this episode (all by Brahms unless otherwise noted):

1. Serenade in D major op. 11, mvt. 1

2. The Pinzauger Waltz

3. Serenade in D major op. 11, mvt. 4 - Minuet 1 &2

4. Serenade in D major op. 11, mvt. 5 - Scherzo

5. Serenade in D major op. 11, mvt. 6 - Rondo