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Jun 7, 2021

Ep. 43 – It is Good Friday, April 10, 1868 in Bremen and Brahms has just finished giving the premiere of his German Requiem. It is a complete triumph but one not celebrated with wild applause, the work is too grave for that. Instead, attendees of the premiere listened with glad hearts and in reverence, awe really of the work’s creator. Thus, Johannes Brahms became an internationally recognized composer of considerable importance and some measure of celebrity.

Works heard in this episode (all by Brahms):


mvt. 4 "How Lovely is They Dwelling Place"

mvt. 5 "And Ye Now are Sorrowful" 

-Wiegenlied op. 49 no. 4

-Botschaft op. 47 no. 1

-Hungarian dance 1-10


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