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Mar 22, 2021

Ep 42(b) - It is early 1865. Brahms's mother has just passed away. Filled with emotion he grudgingly moves from winter to spring, entering a long period of deep and private mourning during which he would retreat into himself for a time in order to gather his thoughts and energies, and orient them toward a grand act of artistic creation in which he would immortalize his beloved mother and through which his artist soul would be elevated and ennobled and made pure. 


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Works heard in this episode (all by Brahms):

Horn Trio in E-flat mvt. 3 - Adagio Mesto

mvt. 1 - Andante

mvt. 2 - Scherzo (Allegro)

mvt. 4 - Allegro con brio

German Requiem pt. 1 "Blessed are they that Mourn" (In English translation!)