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Aug 2, 2017

In Ep. 14 - "Friends and Enemies" we will see Beethoven continue adding to his fame. As a new century dawns however, he will encounter dangerous enemies who will threaten to unseat him as Vienna's top piano virtuoso. But one of these enemies will seek not only to knock off his piano playing crown, but to destroy his life altogether. He will not be able to resist this new threat, and will be forced to choose between a sad, silent artistic oblivion or the absolutism of death.


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All music heard in Episode XIV is by Beethoven unless otherwise noted, and is heard in the following order:

1. Piano Sonata op. 27/2 'Moonlight' mvt. 1 - Schnabel

2. 'Adelaide', Lieder for tenor and piano

3. Piano Sonata op. 27/1 'Sonata Una Quasi Fantasia' mvt. 2 - Schnabel

4. 5th Symphony...

5. Sonata for Violin and Piano op. 12 no. 2 in A major mvt. 1

6. Piano Sonata op. 7 'Grand Sonata' mvt. 1 - Schnabel

7. Piano Sonata op. 13 'Pathetique' mvt. 2 - Schnabel

8. Carl Czerny 'The School of Velocity' op. 299 no. 10 in F major

9. Symphony no. 1 in C major op. 21 mvt. 1

10. String Quartet op. 18/1 in F major mvt. 1 - Pascal Quartet

11. Sonata for Violin and Piano 'Spring' op. 24 mvt. 1

12. Piano Sonata op. 27/2 'Moonlight' mvt. 3 - Schnabel

13. 'Eroica' Variations op. 35

All material in this episode is meant for educational purposes only. The Great Composers Podcast is a classical music podcast