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Jun 18, 2017

In Ep. 13 - The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven pt. 5, "The Spirit of Mozart" we see our great composer arrive in Vienna in late 1792, starting out as a student of Haydn and a nobody. But within a few years, Beethoven would make a name for himself in the great music capital, and then try his luck on a tour across Germany.


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Music in this episode:

1. Sonata for Piano op. 53 in C major 'Waldstein' - Beethoven

2. 'Eroica' Symphony in E-flat major, middle of mvt. 2 - Beethoven

3. German contradance in C major - Beethoven

4. String Quartet in E-flat major op. 33 no. 2 'The Joke Quartet' - Haydn

5. String Quartet in D major op. 18 no. 3 - Beethoven performed by The Pascal Quartet

6. String Quartet in F minor op. 95 'Serioso' - Beethoven performed by The Pascal Quartet

7. Concerto for Piano and Orchestra no. 2 in B-flat major op. 19 mvt. 3 - Beethoven

8. Piano Trio op. 1 no. 3 in C minor mvt. 1 - Beethoven

9. Sonata for Cello and Piano op. 5 no. 2 mvt. 2 - Beethoven

10. Sonata in F minor op. 2 no. 1 mvt. 3 - Beethoven

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